Our   microbes   work   even   better   in   water

Our microbes will work in your fish tank. You wont have to clean it. As the microbes eat the fish pop and biproducts that they cause. Our microbes create oxegon therefor if your pump schould quit on you the fish or whatever would live without it. But the microbes enhance all life so moss would grow more. It is alot easer to take the moss out than it is to clean the whole tank. And remember that money spent on microbes help us do more for animals in destress. Be sure and stop by your local ZOO or petting zoo aand make a friend. By telling them about us so we can help them with there odor problems. Just call the Animal Enhancement Fund 1-800-750-3714 Makeing your trips to the zoo and enhanceing the world is what we are all about. ADOPT AN ANIMAL TODAY.


Natures Original OdorGone will work for you no matter what kind of pet you have. By takeing the odors away you will find that you have a lot less flies and other things that are caused by odors. So be a sport and Support you local ZOO. Remember that most of the animals in zoos are endangered. Adopt an animal today tomorrow they may not be here.

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Animal enhancement: Takes away odors and enhances life
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