War Stories Of Natures Original OdorGone

Natures Original OdorGone..

A Probiotic, natural spray for
stuborn critter odors or
any other organic odor problems

Recommended by Professionals

Veterinarians and

Professional Animal Handlers




We handle over 2000 sick and injured birds and
mammals each year in our wildlife treatment and
rehabilitation facility and we commonly house between
100 to 200 at any given time.

We have tried many odor removing products through the
years with little or no success. OdorGone, works better
than expected and even better than advertised.

It has eliminated the back breaking maintenance we were
required to do before. We believe that OdorGone has been
put to a grueling test at our facility.


Linda Mcleod Evans,

Executive Director

Pacific Wildlife Project


A friend has 9 dogs in a small back yard. Predictably
this resulted in a pungent yard, even though it was
cleaned regularly.

Most noticeable was a strong urine odor.
Prior experience with odorGone suggested that the
product might be useful in this situation. Immediately
after treatment, odor could be detected only from an
untreated trash can. The odors stayed away for a mounth
after this one treatment.

Gary Kuehn, DVM


We used Natures Original OdorGone on areas where ongoing
urine and fecal odors from various species of animals and
birds have been a problem.

I have found the product to work as advertised. It very
significantly reduced if not removed the objectionable odors

Richard H. Evans, D.V.M, MS.

Chief of Veterinary Services

Orange County Public Health


We feel that Natures Original OdorGone has a decisive
role in the resolution of some difficult medical and
management situations at the Los Angeles Zoo.

We feel free to use the product without reservation as we
have seen and are aware of no indications of toxicity or
irritaation whether applied topically, ingested or splashed
in the eyes of our zoo animals,

OdorGone has been used in problem areas such as wallows
heavily used stalls, exhibits containing species particularly
susceptible to foot problems, dirt areas that remain wet for
prolonged periods, areas with odor problems and there is little
doubt that additional treatment indications will arise.

Manuel A. Mollinedo

Zoo Administrator

Los Angeles Zoo


During the productions of the Glory of Christmas and the
Glory of Easter, we noticed a big reduction of odors both
times and under different weather conditions, at the animal
holding area in the parking lot of the Crystal Cathedral.

I sprayed the goats and sheep and the odor all but
disappeared in a half-hour.

We also noticed there were not so many flies bothering
the horses and the burros.

The agent from the U.S.D.A. even
made a remark about it on one of their routine checks.

John H. Nelson

Animal Manager

Critter Corral

Crystal Cathedral

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