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Samson the Bear

Samson has been located at the Orange County Zoo since April 1996.

He is a male American Black Bear (Ursus Americanus) of aproximately 15-16 years. He is native to the local hills of the Angeles National Forest and the foothills of Monrovia. He was known to frequent the trash cans, avocado and apple trees, and even the POOLS AND SPAS of one Monrovia neighborhood. In September of 1994, neighbors informed authorities that Samson was visibly sick. Because of his condition, history, and age, it was determined that he was to be euthanized. (For those who are unfamiliar with that term, it means to kill something.) Samson's plight became a very vocal state issue and eventually Governor Pete Wilson gave this most popular black bear named Samson a reprieve. At this point The Orange County Zoo stepped forth to provide Samson with a permanent home.

Samson's legacy will be that of giving us a better understanding of the needs of the many diverse animals that border our communities, and how we may better deal with them in the future.

Samson has adjusted well here at the Orange County Zoo. People make treks from all areas, to see this bear that they have come to know and love as they watched his story develop over the past few years.

His estimated weight is 550 pounds, and he is approximately 16-18 years old. He is in good health and really seems to enjoy the constant flow of visitors he receives.

We have a great little store on the grounds and Natures Original OdorGone is avalable. Spraying is on-going as the animals continue to do their thing. So the microbes have to be applied once a month to keep up with them!

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