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Animal Enhancement Fundof Pomona California

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Help us save 83 Big cats that you`ve known and admired for most of your life! You have seen them in Jungle Book, Dak-Tari, Fantasy Island and various Disney films...Exxon, Enco, Mercury and other commercials through the years. Have you ever wondered what happens to animal actors when they retire? TIGER RESCUE is a caring facility that has looked after and maintained the health and well being of retired animals for the last 27 years. Their facility has recently been re-zoned to residential due to encroaching civilization so now they have to move AND do it soon. If a new, acceptable habitat cannot be found within a few months, these beautiful and regal cats may have to be EUTHANIZED. Thirty-three (33) acres in Perris, California have been found but the funds to purchase and build an acceptable compound and relocate the animals, will total about $225,000.00. PLEASE HELP. There must be someone out there that CARES. Talk about a great tax write-off! CALL THE ANIMAL ENHANCEMENT FUND 1-800-750-3714 If we can't help these animals. They will be put to sleep!!!

John Nelson

1604 Home Terrace Dr
Pomona, CA 91768

Tel. (909) 629-0994

Toll free 1 800-750-3714

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      Graphic Design

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