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John Nelson
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What Natures Original OdorGone can do for you! Eats odors fast.
Reduces flies attracted by odors.
Renews soil and grounds where there are animal waste.
Microbes not chemicals, that can easily be applied with water.
Not harmful to animals but helps promote healing.
Pacific Wildlife Project: (Executive director) Linda McLeod Evans wrote: "We have tried many odor removing products through the years with little or no success. It has been an ongoing problem for us until now. Your product, works better than we expected and even better than advertised. We spray all our enclosures with the animals inside them. The pelicans like to stand right in the spray and preen themselves with it. The odor of fish, feces and urine stays well controlled much longer than we expected. We only need to do a general spraying once weekly to keep odors away..."

Los Angeles Zoo: (Zoo Administrator) Manuel A Mollinedo

Wrote us a long letter explaining how our product worked well to keep away odors, but also how it helped dramatically in the healing process of foot related infections like thrush among their animals. They also told us about a skunk that had been attacked and the smell of it's spray was reduced remarkably, by using a more concentrated mixture of our product.

Barnyard Petting Farm (Animal Caretaker) Nancy McKibben wrote:

"I have a burro that had open sores on his legs from biting flies and I am convinced that they didn't start to heal up until after we sprayed him with your product. Up to this point I have been using chemical fly repellents in the area of the farm and they didn't really work, I like the idea of natural products that are environmentally safe for my animals."

There are many new surprising problems which our product has helped to restrain. Some we are really afraid to mention because, they sound so unreal. If you have odor problems, Natures Original OdorGone may be your solution. It has worked better in many cases than conventional methods.

For more info call 1-800-750-3714 .............

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John Henry Nelson

1604 Home Terrace Dr
Pomona, CA 91768

Tel. (909) 629-0994

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