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Concerning Animal Care

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To owners of large or small pets, breeders, trainers, animal rescue organizations or anyone interested in the welfare of animals... Despite your best efforts to keep animal area clean and well maintained, any animal held in captivity will eventually overwhelm its holding area by saturating the ground with waste material, urine, feces and uneaten food. This can lead to a number of animal management problems. You may already be familiar with overwhelming ammonia fumes, respiratory problems, foot problems such as Thrush or other types of bacterial infections, or simply people comment, " Hey it smells like a dairy around here."

If you are honestly looking for an earth-friendly and environmentally beneficial solution to this age-old management problem, We now have an answer!!



CleanLife Technologies,
an environmental Company, now offers an inexpensive solution to your problem. We can immediately and permanently remove

*** skunk odors ***
***pet urine odors***
***smoke odors***
***garbage odors***
***any organic odors***
From: car interiors, trucks, recreation vehicles, houses, apartment buildings, rest rooms, pet habitats, back yards, trash containers or dumpsters

Moved into a house or apartment and can`t live with the old odors? Dead rat or mice removed but the odor remains? Tired of dealing with the on-going odors from a bed wetter?


Not a mask or perfumed cover-up.

We actually break down the odor source using a natural product that is environmentally benefical and recommended for use by Public Health and the Department of Agriculture.

Any one that replys to this page in the mounth of February will get their $15.00 member shipe free. Just say you want to be under John H. Nelson sponsorship

John Nelson
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Pomona, CA 91768
(909) 629-0994
Toll free 1-800-750-3714
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