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Help us save 83 Big cats that you've known and admired for most of your life! You have seen them in jungle book, Daktari, Fantasy Island and various Disney films...Exxon, Enco, Mercury and other commercials through the years. Have you ever wondered what happens to animal actors when they retire? TIGER RESCUE is a caring facility that has looked after and maintained the health and well being of retired animals for the last 27 years. Their facility has recently been rezoned to residential due to encroaching civilization so now they have to move AND do it soon. If a new, acceptable habitat cannot be found within a few months , these beautiful and regal cats may have to be EUTHANIZED. Thirty-three (33) acres in Perris, California have been found but the funds to purchase, build an acceptable compound and relocate the animals, will total about $225,000.00. HELP HELP. There must be someone out there that CARES. Talk about a right off. CALL THE ANIMAL ENHANCEMENT FUND If we cant help these animals. They will be put to sleep!!!

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