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John Nelson
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-- Just A Friend
Today's Date/Time:  Monday 12/26/2005 09:11 PM PST
The mission of thyfriends.net
  • To put our best face to the the world
  • To show the world how to smile
  • To learn and to teach, humility, friendship and humanity
  • To share, and to be shared
  • To listen, and to be heard
  • To give a voice to the few and to the many
  • To pick up the ashes of today with the ashes of the past and put it all together for a bright and beutiful future for all the children of the earth
  • To give a voice to the few and to the many
They may be the young, the old, the not-so-young, the not-so-old, or the healthy, or the sick, regardles of national origin, creed, religion, lack of religion. sexual identity, or past history.
Hopefully, everyone who needs to speak will always be able to have their voice heard here.
Feel free to try the Ring Of Friendship Forums.
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