All birds do well when sprayed with Natures Original OdorGone. After awhile they seem to like it and look foreward to it.

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Natures Original OdorGone: Building a better world for a secure Tomorrow.
Community Service Bulletin: Products for better care of animals
Save that Tiger: Building a better world for a secure tomorrow
What is the Animal Enhancement Fund: A NON-PROFIT ORANIZATION
Fewer Flies in the Skies: Products that remove odors and flies
NetWork Opportunities MagazineThe Best Networking Magazine Going
CDNOW $10.00 discount on $20.00 purchas now thru end juneAlways a better buy

Animal   care   starts   in   the   HART

Animal care starts in the HART

Birds make wonderful pets. We at the Animal Enhancement Fund of Pomona California. Help take care of one of the best Tropical rain forest exhibits I have ever seen. The Santa Anna ZOO has a large Aviary filled with some of the most buitiful rare and scarce birds in the world. I hope that if you are ever in this area that you will make it a point to stop in and say hi. And notice that there are not any odors on the whole ZOO. Why because of our unseen friends that we take for granted. Microbes are our best friends. But most people think of them as just another germ. But the GOOD LORD made a well balanced system. He only made one mistake. He made man! We need to think about our place in Nature. WE need to do more giving and less taking. Natures Original OdorGone is very much apart of the Zoo: Working hard to control the odors every day: Join the Animal Enhancement Fund of Pomona California and help make a difference. 1-800-750-3714 or write Email or Building a better world for a secure Tomorrow! '

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