This is a story that I think is true and I relate to it as my grandson is in a jeova witeness home in deer lodge Montana and has been there for 4 or 5 Years: I am trying to get my Daughter to tell her story here: She has no computer and it is hard for her as she has a pair of twins at home that are 6 years old and an older sister 7 that was born with a hole in her hart: This is the main reason the oldest son Levi may have been Degleted: But the State of Montana saw it different! The LORD gives and some people see fit to take away! I am not saying this is wrong in some cases: But I do think that it is wrong in "many cases"

I would Like to introduce you to Christina Noll!

Hi John!! Tell Teddi that we are doing better now. Although we are not totally out of the woods yet. When they took our kids we lost everything. And we became homeless. My husband found a job in St. Mary's, GA. The state said that they could transfer the children so we moved up there. Once we both had jobs and had started to get things back on track, the state said that they could not transfer the children after all. They said that if we wanted our children, that we had to move back down here (which they used against us in court). Once we moved down here, we were homeless for four days and slept in a park for four days until we had the money saved up for a weeks rent in a rooming house in the worst part of town. After a few weeks of being in this miserable, flea invested rooming house, a miracle happend! The Lord brought a trailer our way in a nicer part of town. And even better, we are renting to own it!!! For $7,900 it will be ours!! We only pay $200 a month for it. My husband had a job making $1200 a month for a month when a mack truck hit the company van my husband was driving. Needless to say, he's been out of a job for a while and we are waiting for a settlement which we will be paying off our trailer. As far as the children go, while in foster care my oldest fell and broke his arm while running at their outside swimming pool. And needless to say my middle son has ended up with ringworm. And the state says that they take better care of my children that I do! We are going to start a support group because of this treatment because we are tired of it and I know others are going through the same thing. Please continue praying for us.

As far as Espial goes, I will be starting up everything again. Soon, I hope to have the first success pak ready again (I had it all on disk but in all the pick-up and go, it got misplaced as well as all my material), I hope to have all the support material again. I am looking into some business loans to help myself and others get off the street and start a new life and a new business. I think I was on the street for a reason, that being to help those who want a hand up not a hand out and have a hard time struggling like we did--no body wanted to help. Have you done anything with it?? I hope so. It shouldn't take to much work to get to Manager Status. It just takes five people who will use the products that they would normally use just from themselves and have a healthier home. I had alot of people respond to my adds and website.

I better go for now.

Christina NOll

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