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...owning your own cyberspace Home Shopping Business fully stocked with hundreds of thousands of name-brand products. 

...earning top commissions for helping others start their own Internet Home Shopping Business!  

...being paid on up to six generations of HSB sales, plus an infinity bonus for you agressive types! away Free
Lifetime Membership  in the HSB and earning a residual income from everyday purchases made by those members, year after year.

offering FREE Satellite Dishes! TV service, with hundreds of channels, through-out America - They might be FREE but there are great commissions paid just for giving them away! One of our Alliance partners...Echostar who has plans of offering their services in New Zealand and Australia very soon which means BIG competition for SKY television and great potential for you to earn huge commissions! 
offering FREE Wireless Home Security Systems!...Wow! These units are brilliant, no more holes or wires & you can even pack them up & take them with you should you shift...Just sign people for the monthly monitoring service & the WHSS is thrown in! USA only at this time. Great commissions once again!
offering Affordable Computer Leasing & Sales... There are a lot of lease deals available these days but unfortunately the ones that usually pay some sort of commission, are highly inflated & have term of 36 months...not so with MPI! 24 month terms on computers & laptops, that are more than affordable. USA only at this time but New Zealand & Australia being earmarked for supply very soon! Fantastic commissions!
offering Satellite Web Access & Television...the world's first Satellite Web Access and Television package. Includes a set-top box complete with satellite dish for television programming AND web downloads (web downloads from next year). Not only that, this novice web-user device defaults to the HSB site, earning you ongoing commissions. Earn commissions from sales you and your downline makes plus earn monthly residuals on monthly access fees. USA only soon. It pays to watch us! 
offering Unlimited Internet Access -- in North America, Australia & New Zealand-- at low, low rates, and making a residual income off every customer in your network, up to 6 levels deep! Internet service that can quite literally travel the world with you.  If there is business conducted in that country, we will be there! Currently about to launch in the USA & later this year, Nationwide in Australasia.
offering E-Commerce Suites...offering custom-designed commercial web sites that businesses both large and small can utilize to promote their products or services. These are professionally-designed web templates that can be loaded and altered at will, at no charge, by the end-user. Unbelievable Alliance partner, who is world reknown, will be revealed in a few days time.
having one of the best international long distance service...availble, which you could offer hundreds of thousands of people world wide and make money everytime they placed a call! PLus we will soon be introducing our voice over IP service.
  having true financial freedom, and all it means, to you and your family...
We are very fortunate to be involved with Marketplace International as it allows anyone, anywhere, to build a huge international income no matter which country they are from.
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