I hope this will be of some help to all of you:

As our month draws toward a close in a flurry of activity,
I'd like to bring the first of this monthly series to a close by sharing with
you some ideas that are almost so obvious that sometimes, in the hustle and
bustle of "what to do" and "how", they may get overlooked.

As you may know in our society, doctors and lawyers make a lot of money.
Doctors, in most cases,earn it. :-)

That's a little "tongue in cheek" about lawyers, I know, but the point that
I'm approaching here is that those members of our society who aspire to those
professions, in many cases the most affluent of our society, invest years of
education into, in most cases, the end result of making a lot of money. For
most in these professions, it requires almost a decade of training and
experience, for others even more. What sometimes gets overlooked in an idea
as simple and good as the friendship Club, is that we - that is to say,
- now have at our
fingertips a way to earn the income of prominent doctors and lawyers.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, every year are available to us
through this opportunity, over time. What? What are you saying, Harold? Do
we dare think about that? I believe that any individual with financial goals
SHOULD think about that. More on GOALS in a moment.

The fact is that, in order to earn that kind of income, it is NOT a
requirement that we invest that many years (and tens of thousands of dollars)
in a college education. So what do we have to do, you ask?

Since I have tried to cover the "what to do" and "how" in this letter so far
about the FRIENDSHIP Club opportunity, I hope you can see that the potential
is as I state it here. What we have to do can be reduced in writing to four
ideas to make that kind of financial freedom (and even more, the freedom of
your time) your own.

The first thing to do I refer to as simply

1.) RTM. Read The Materials.

Professional careers that produce larger than average salaries require volumes
of textbooks and library research. (not to mention showing up at designated
times for weeks on end for years with an occasional week or two off for
holiday vacations.) We, on the other hand (given that we bring to the table
with us some computer literacy and a strong desire to achieve), in order to
produce similar incomes over time, have several web pages to read. Several
web pages. That's all! I'm sure I've said this before, but it bears
repeating: Ours is a very simple business with a potential of immense
financial reward. IMMENSE financial reward. I truly believe that one could
read every word of every sentence of the ANY Club web site in less than two
hours. The related materials and articles may take another two hours, at the
most. That could be done in two two-hour sittings. Or four one-hour sittings.
You get the picture.

Now, to understand every single detail of the process of operating the
business and the compensation plan, that may require a couple more hours of
focused concentration, reading and rereading the pages until the information
begins to present itself in a clearer fashion in our minds.

Total investment of time so far, for all that it required to assimilate from
study: Six hours, at our own leisure.

Let's say that there are some issues and concerns that we still don't quite
get a firm grasp on, and we have to email our sponsor for specific questions,
and then read the follow-up emails until each new concept becomes crystal
clear. Maximum time sending and reading reply emails, and reviewing the
material in question - another 4 hours. Let's really extend this scenario and
say another few issues present themselves and we want to be truly on the mark
with the, and we repeat that process with our sponsor - add another 4 hours.

Total time invested so far, at the outside: Fourteen hours, at our leisure.

There is a required investment of time in creating materials to use in
promoting your ANY Club business. Let's say, as I have described previously,
at the outside, ten emails to use with your buddies and your members, including
tags for other members' new members and to create a completely duplicatable system.
Total time invested here, even for those who "hunt and peck" on the keyboard,
given say, 30 minutes to create EACH email. That's another five hours.

Given, again, that there will be some time invested daily in placing free ads
and responding to your emails, as a natural course of business. That is to be
expected in ANY business (think about the hours we'd all save if we didn't
have to go to a JOB!). BUT -

The total time invested in setting up lucrative business that holds the
potential annual income of that of doctors and lawyers:

It is just amazing! What is even more amazing, that, given the potential
reward, there are those who won't even read completely through the web site or
give just one hour to focusing completely on the compensation plan. Now, I
don't want this to sound negative in any way, but eventually those who do not
see this vision and will not invest 24 hours of their lives into a PROVEN
lifetime residual income vehicle (that they already have at their fingertips),
will eventually rationalize their procrastination, give up, cancel their
membership and completely throw such an opportunity away. It doesn't happen
very often, but it does happen. If it happens with someone in your downline, I
hope you will take a moment to consider the comparisons I have made here with
some of the most lucrative professions in our society. The incomes we are
referring to await any of us reading this who apply themselves and give the
ANY opportunity the time it deserves for that kind of potential reward.

The next thing that you have to do is

2.) Believe In Yourself.

We all have some awareness of the children's story, "The Little Engine That
Could". The challenge for the Little Engine was to get to the top of the hill,
and in order to do so, the Little Engine mustered all the energy it could and
kept repeating to itself:

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...".
Of course, it DID get to the top of the hill. The lesson within that simple
story is that if we believe we can and we apply ourselves, we can. There is
some of that children's story in every adult success story you will ever read,
hear, become a part of, or even live out yourself. If you think you can, you
can. If you think you can't, you're right, too. Believe in yourself. Think
you can. You have the right vehicle now, too, with which to say "I think I
can, I think I can, I think I can...".

I've always said this, and you've seen it in this series in print before:
If I can, you can. :-)

Another school of thought is that of goal setting, to which I am a lifetime
student. There is a library full of material on the magic of setting your
goals available in the world (even online), and the most successful people
indulge in it regularly. Setting goals not only allows us to "think we can",
it helps us to come to understand (and create ways for ) HOW we can.

The next thing that you MUST do is

3.) Believe In The Opportunity.

Finally, there is that BIG requirement:

4.) Apply Action. This monthly series has been mostly about the "what to do" and "how" of
creating a successful Club business form our opportunity. We have proven
methods, but they require you to DO something. For some it will be a LOT
consistently, but remember, for those less inclined, or with little available
time right now, you can have the kind of success I've referred to here simply
by one SDA, every day. One SINGLE DAILY ACTION. Today it might be reading the
web site, tomorrow, creating the necessary emails, the next day, placing 10
ads, the next day contacting your closes friend to share the video about this
great idea you've stumbled onto. Those SDAs add up to SUCCESS. And it can be
on your own terms, in your own time. It is YOUR business. What I would like
most for you is to get those two required enrollments out of the way for the
"2 for $25" guarantee. After that, with no overhead, you can move, again, at
your leisure. Once there's no overhead, you've got absolutely NO REASON TO
QUIT. Your initial SDAs should be designed to get those two enrollments

NOW, a word about one of the nastiest, ugliest ideas ever to invade the
existence of human beings on the planet: PROCRASTINATION.

I see procrastination as an insidious evil demon that will take root in your
life by feeding on your small habits of it (YES, IT FEEDS ON ITSELF BUT IT
ALSO EATS YOUR TIME), and it will eventually grow enough to bring your
ambition and your dreams to a standstill. Don't let that demon own any part
of your life!

The holy water that will destroy this demon is found in a JUST DO IT attitude.

SO -

I hope you'll remember that we, of all the people in all the opportunities in
America and beyond, are "sitting on a gold mine" that is just opening. We
haven't even finished the surface drilling yet. All you need to do to bring
the gold out of the mine and into your life is:

1.) RTM
2.) Believe In Yourself
3.) Believe In The Opportunity
4.) Apply Action

Good news on top of good news. Once you do these four things, once you bring
these four ideas into play in your everyday life with the friendship club, you
have a whole team of other committed members doing the same thing who will help
YOU in to the financial strata of doctors and lawyers - without the investment of
thousands of dollars, without the investment in years of education.

My best regards to you and your family,

My Snazzy List of Links



1. What are the 4 critical characteristics you should look
for in an MLM company before you sign-up?

ANSWER: 1) A fair and simple compensation plan that rewards both the part
time and career oriented individual.

2) A stable debt free company that has achieved its' 5th anniversary
and has a managemnent team with long term thinking.

3)A support program which includes a turnkey system and training.

4) A high quality repeat consumable line of products at reasonable

3. What are the 4 biggest reasons for MLM failure?

Reason #1: You run out of qualified prospects!
Reason #2: Incomplete Training & Support
Reason #3: No Duplicatable System !
Reason #4: Lack of Funding!


Providing wise solutions for a sound financial future.

"The Federal Trade Commission cannot tell you whether a particular
multilevel marketing plan is legal. Nor can it give you advice about
whether to join such a plan. You must make that decision yourself.
However, the FTC suggests that you use common sense, and consider
these seven tips when you make your decision:

1.Avoid any plan that includes commissions for recruiting additional
distributors. It may be an illegal pyramid.

2.Beware of plans that ask new distributors to purchase expensive
inventory. These plans can collapse quickly -- and also may be
thinly-disguised pyramids.

3.Be cautious of plans that claim you will make money through
continued growth of your "downline" -- the commissions on sales made
by new distributors you recruit -- rather than through sales of
products you make yourself.

4.Beware of plans that claim to sell miracle products or promise
enormous earnings. Just because a promoter of a plan makes a claim
doesn't mean it's true! Ask the promoter of the plan to substantiate
claims with hard evidence.

5.Beware of shills -- "decoy" references paid by a plan's promoter to
describe their fictional success in earning money through the plan.

6.Don't pay or sign any contracts in an "opportunity meeting" or any
other high-pressure situation. Insist on taking your time to think
over a decision to join. Talk it over with your spouse, a
knowledgeable friend, an accountant or lawyer.

7.Do your homework! Check with your local Better Business Bureau and
state Attorney General about any plan you're considering -- especially
when the claims about the product or your potential earnings seem too
good to be true."