---Debi Ross wrote:
Aloha Everybody,
The number of new members has more than tripled since
our last communication! Looks like a lot of people out there are looking for a
safe place to find frienship and support.

Tell all your friends.
I am leaving for Detroit next week on Friday and won't be
back until August 10. I'm not looking forward to the long
flight and being away from my computer and husband for so long.
But at least I'll be very busy while I'm there so the time will
go by quickly.

Jon Frederick has graciously offered to help with this newsletter
and I am happy to accept the offer. Please send your requests to
him at


Jon, thank you for the support and help. I will forward the
membership list to you before I leave.

John Nelson jhnelson@primenet.com has set up a site for your
friends to request membership in the club. You can visit him at

Be sure to check out his Odor Gone Microbes while you're there.
Its an all natural product that eliminates even the worst odors.

Our friend Kalei Welina@webtv.net on the Big Island of Hawaii is a
single mother who is trying to make ends meet.
She lives in a very remote area and has no transportation to get her
kids to and from school.

There is no bus service in her area. She is requesting help in
finding parts for her 1984 Plymouth Voyager Van, 2.6 Liter Engine.
She needs the heads. If anybody can help her with this, she would
be very grateful. You can also visit Kalei at her website.


Also, if anybody knows how to put banners on a website if you use
web.tv, Kalei could use your advice.

Our friends Mark and Cindy Genovese of MANE of Washington, MANE of
Oregon would like for you to visit their website.


They raise money for childrens' educational and nutritional programs.
They will market your product or opportunity as a distributor and
use the after tax profits to the benefit of children.

Please visit their site or email them at mag1@mail.coos.or.us (Mark,
I'm not ignoring you and will be in contact soon! Aloha, Deb) Please
also visit some of their other programs:

http://www.newsbureau.com/welcome.cgi?1980 ,



(I plan on joining this one soon) and


Our friend Ed Kiesling who is disabled and cannot work is trying to
make a living for himself with his online businesses.
His phone number is 908-852-8194.
If anybody wants to call and talk story with him, I'm sure he'd love
the company. Just tell him you're a member of the Friendship Club.

You can also write to him at keddie@sprynet.com .

Please also check out his website full of lowcost and free business
opportunities at


She's a poet and we didn't know it.

Our friend Carla Byrom
cjbyrom@yahoo.com is a poet.

She is also singlehandedly responsible for doubling the size of our
club this week! Hey Carla, can we publish some of your poems here
for the membership?
Check out Carla's webpage at


Did you know that one of our friends is the President, Founder and
CEO of TCS Financial Service, Inc? That's right,

Steve Sloan
has his own MLM and it is brand new! If you want to check it out,
you can do so here.


Steve is also working to set up a chatroom for our club at the TFS

John Nelson also has a chatroom available. Sorry the chat room didnt
work(Lack of knowledge) Thanks to you both.
We will keep you posted with the details!

Does anybody want to win a chance for a free vacation package?
A new package is to be awarded each day? You can reregister as
often as you want(as long as its no more than once a day).
Click on the vacation banner at


I would like to feature your homepage or business website here.
Please send us the URL.
Check out Gary Revel's "They Slew the Dreamer" page at


He is a songwriter and recording artist among a slew of other

He has written a song about the conspiracy in the Martin Luther
King, Jr. assassination. Welcome to our club Gary!

Many people joined my ICQ contact list this week but did not send
me their name and email address for addition to this mailing list.
I have over 200 people in my ICQ list and its hard to distinguish
who's who.
I went through and I think I got most of them but in the future can
you ask your friends so specifically request by email to join the
I don't want anybody to get left out.

Does anybody have any ideas of the types of information you would
like to see in this list.
I have a wealth of information at my fingertips with the internet.
Just let me know what you want to see here and I will do my best to
get it on the newsletter.

Be sure and download your free copy of ICQ from


Well, that's all for this time.
I wish you all the best health, happiness and success!

We currently have 54 friends on this list!


Debi Ross


Aloha And Best Wishes,

Debi Ross

ICQ 12080354

99-004 Kaupili Place

Aiea, Hi 96701


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