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God's Not Allowed In School
Copyright 1999 by Dr. Gene Howard
All over the grounds of the school the bodies of students lay,
And parents and students everywhere were starting to pray.,
Now our God is allowed back on the campus of the school,,
But not any other time for you see it is against the Federal rule.,

The Supreme court said we must not allow prayer by students,,
Or allow on the walls of our schools the Ten Commandments.,
They said "If they read them they may think, and become
reflective And could possibly obey them, and this is not a ,
permissible objective.",

We replaced God with Humanism and the Religion of Evolution,,
And placed in the mind of our students the elements of confusion.,
We tell them not to kill others, yet teach the toughest will survive.,
Get what you want in life, it's justified as long as you can stay alive.,

We have tried to make our schools safe by putting in metal detectors, ,
But guns and knives are not the problem it is simply the social reflectors.,

For if all weapons were kept out,it would not give students purpose or love, ,
a change in the heart is needed, and that's best done with help from above.,

Remember when we had prayer, and God's commandments were read, ,
And chewing gum and being tardy were the worst problems that we had.,
Now murder, drugs, assault, teen pregnancy, and survival of the fittest rule.
But guns and knives were never a problem, ,
till we kicked God out of school.,

People, I think, we need to take a close look at what WE can do to get prayer ,

Back into our lives, everywhere...
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