Life of a Babyboomer Year 1941
Well I was kind of young right about now as I was born January 5, 1941 some time in the early morning hours. They did tell me a few years later that a guy over seas was raising some cain at this time. My Dad didn`t have to go over there and slap him as there were two of us little ones then. He sure wanted to though.

1942 January 5,1942 one year old Johnny walking and crawling around on a dirt floored house found a dead mouse. When he was caught with it there was very little left. About six mounths later my little sister Violet went to visit our Father in Heaven. She caught a very bad cold and it got worse and finaly she just gave up: They say that I was sick to after that. I couldnt understand what happened or where she had gone:

July 11 1942 Fred D. Nelson Jr is born
Violet has only been gone about a mounth now. Aunt Rosey tells me that Mother will be home tomorrow. I don`t know when she left. But things just arnt the same with out her here: Mom came home with a little bundle that sure was loud. Boy did I like this. Mom says the first thing I did was poke him in the eye. I just couldn`t wait for him to get big enough to play. Not much happened after that untile 1944: Uncle Bill my Dads brother spent a few days with us. I remember that real well as he was in a real nice uniform. He told me lots of stories and Mom was all ways telling him not to: He was my Hero:

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