Presenting AdMax International's Computer Lease/Purchase Program.
Zero Down - A, B, C & D Credit. Delivered to your door with NO additional shipping charges! Monthly payments vary depending on term length & your personal credit rating.

2-Minute recorded message Information Call: 1-918-499-5015
7-Minute Business Hotline: 212-796-6061
24 Hour Recorded Conference Call: 212-796-6690
Fax-On-Demand: 716-720-2289

"COMPUTER MANIA" package includes:

266 MMX classified Pentium IBM Processor-(Faster than Intel)
- Upgraded (from 200 MMX) on All Shipments!!!
Mini Tower Case (7 expansion slots... 5 open)
64 Meg of Ram
4.3 Gig HD - Upgraded (from 2.1 Gig) on All Shipments!!!
Quantum or Cyrix Hard Drive (4.0+ Gig available after preloaded
3.5 Floppy Drive
56k Flex - Fax Modem
Acer 24X CD Rom
16 Bit MMX Soundcard
Cyrix Logic 5466 full 3D Video Card (DVD Compatible)
80 Watt Speakers
L2 Meg Cache w/ TXPIO Motherboard
Digi-View 15" Color Monitor
Case will carry the AdMax Name
Windows 95 + 70 Software Titles

Software included:

Latest version of WIN95, MS Office Suite 97ProfessionalVersion,
IE4.0,Groliers Encyclopedia, 3D Key Design Center, 3D Card
Design, Video Game Pack, Master Clip 6000(clipart), Media
Wizard Design, Bitware, Internal fax program, Zoo Explorer, and


Technical support provided by 1-800 #, by AdMax Computer Support Line.


NEC 1000 printer:
300x300 dpi
Single Cartridge Prints B&W and Color
Parallel Port Interface

You will also receive the AdMax Platinum Package that

Our newest Software Creations give you the tools to build a 25 Page
Professional Web Site from Scratch.
Design your own look in our Websiwyg, using Tables, Graphics and
Photos... or...
Use our Way EZ HTML and choose from a Selection of Pre-Formatted
Professionally Designed Pages. Simply pick the style of a page you wish
to use, then personalize it with your own text and photos.
You can add a Professional Photo or Image from our Diversified Library
or Scan in and Upload your own... We'll show you how!!!
You will learn to Auto-Link your Web Sites to all the top Search
Engines... making them accessible to the world.
Your sites will be hosted on AdMax's dedicated Web Server for one
year, each additional year... less than (an unheard of) $18.00 per month
You can access all our Web Creating Tools and Internet Education at the
Popular AdMax City Site.
People can go and shop at our Universal Mall, Use Our Search Engine,
and access the AdMax Times to keep up our incredible growth.
You will have Your Own Distinctive Address which you can use on
Business Cards, Promotional Material and all other forms of Advertising.


Internet Marketing.
Windows 95 or 3.1 On-Line Training.
AdMax WEBSIWYG TM Training.
What EveryBody Sees Is What You Get !!!
Virtual E-mail.
Web Page Enhancement.
Additional Training Courses are available through "IPO".

NOW There is also PC Mania PLUS which offers everything that PC Mania offers plus a Merchant Account so you can accept credit cards for any business you are conducting!


Special Bonus Program

Sell 6:

Earn $900.00 in commmission. ($150.00 per sale.)

Special Bonus:

Once you have sold 6 "Computer Mania" Packages, we will pay
off your "Computer Mania" Package. (If you purchased one.)

Sell 6:

Earn $900.00 in commission. ($150.00 per sale)

Special Bonus:

Once you have sold 6 "Computer Mania" Packages, we will pay
you an additional $1,100.00 Bonus for a total of $2,000.00.

It's THAT simple!

A Note from one of your Upline Sponsors...

Hello! My company, CAMELOT ENTERPRISES, Inc. will provide you with a FREE PC Mania Website Identical to this one to assist you with promoting the PC Mania Program for your first 30 days!

I want EVERYONE in the PC Mania Program to receive a FREE PC System!

Kelly-Jean Burk, CEO
Camelot Enterprises, Inc.

If You Are NOT a United States Citizen and still want to participate in the PC Mania business opportunity then please send a letter of interest via E-mail!

To Continue...


 ADMAXGet A New Pentium 266MHZ Computer
64 MEGS OF RAM and let it "Pay" for itself: This is a great program for the beginer as it will teach you from "Start" to PC Tech!
Add Me!
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Warranty and Payment Information

Warranty on the computer is three years parts and labor.
Warranty is void if internal parts changed without approval of manufacturer.
Manufacturer pays shipping one way to perform warranty work.
Warranty on the printer is one year.

Monthly Payments shown are approximate.