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October 21, 1995

Ms Sandy Mastricola
CleanLife Technologies
1604 Home Terrace Dr.
Pomona California 91768
Dear Ms Mastricola:

The Los Angeles Zoo began using Natures Original OdorGone in April 1995

The Bull giraffe, Kito, has had foot problems, and sometimes lameness, for many years. The basic problem has been a recurring case of thrush (yeast infection of the foot) Spraying the yard with odorgone was ineffective, perhaps because logistics and hot, dry weather made it difficult to establish, deliver and maintain adequate quantities of odorgone in the soil. In approximately early September it became necessary for a time to restrict the giraffe herd's outdoor activities to a dirt-floored alley, which promptly developed an odor problem. The keeper began hosing the area from time to time with odorgone, approximately a pint at a time. By September 30 she reported that the alley odor disappeared immediately upon application of odorgone, and did not return between applications.

More importantly, the keeper stated EMPHATICALLY AND ENTHUSIASTICALLY that under these conditions, Kiito's feet usually smell strongly of thrush; they currently appear and smell normal and he is not LAME.. To lend perspective, it should be noted that chemically immobilized/tranquilized giraffes often die, thus a hands off method of treating such a problem could arguably be credited with saving the animals life.

The giraffe situation and other situations have illustrated that the effectiveness of odorgone is dependent upon careful consideration of the method, frequency and intensity of application, for each individual case. Keto is a very happy fellow today:

It was desired to create a natural mud wallow for black rhinos. Previous wallows had attracted large numbers of flies and had developed odor problems. The developing wallow was treated repeatedly with odorgone. It did not develop an odor and it did not attract flies. After the wallow had been in use for Over a month, Some mud was dug from the bottom; no odor was detected. A keeper stated that the rhinos were less likely to defecate in the treated wallow. She also indicated that if odorgone was sprayed On an accustomed defecated area, the rhino often would not defecate in that area for a few days.

While we have done no controlled studies, a relatively small number of animals is involved, and we appreciate the possible role of coincidence, we nonetheless feel that Natures Original OdorGone has played a decisive role in the resolution of some difficult medical and management situations in the Los Angeles Zoo, We feel free to use the product without reservation, as we have seen (and are aware of) no indications of toxicity, or irritation whether applied topically, ingested, or splashed in the eyes. We hope to install automatic applications systems for problem areas such as wallows, heavily used stalls, exhibits containing species particularly susceptible to foot problems, dirt areas that remain wet for prolonged periods, areas with odor problems...and there is little dout that additional treatmrnt indications will arise.

You and your group have been most generous and helpful over the last several months, and we hope to continue and expand upon this relationship.


Manuel A. Mollinedo

Zoo Administrator


cc: Charles Sedgwick, DVM




Sandy & Mickey
CleanLife Technologies
Pomona CA,

July 2, 1996

Dear Sandy & Mickey

I wanted to write and tell you how your product has performed here at the Orange County Zoo.
The OdorGone microbes have done an excellent job of keeping down unwanted odors.
I am most impressed with how it has worked on difficult odor exhibits that are on dirt such as pigs, cow, burro, red fox, and bobcat.
All of these exhibits tend to have urine soaked dirt over time and have an accumulated lingering odor problem.
Even though it took more than one application to keep the odor down for an extended period, the smell was greatly reduced after one application.

Our waterfowl pond is a concrete lined 50,000 gallon exhibit that has to be drained and cleaned once per week from the accumulation of debris , fecal and algae growth.
The water has stayed clearer longer and the algae growth has slowed greatly when OdorGone has been sprayed into the water.
In fact in the winter mounths we have been able to go 3 times longer between cleanings.

I have recommended your product to others in the past and still do.
I even use it at home on smelly dog and trash can areas.
It is a very effective product.
In addition, I would like to say how enjoyable it has been dealing with you both
You have always been professional and generous with your time and assistance, and your interest in our facility has been very much appreciated.
Forrest De Spain
Orange County Zoo

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