ICQ Talk, The voice for ICQ

 Do You Want To Comunicate By Voice With Your ICQ Friends??

Well Now You Can FREE Download !!!

 What is ICQ Talk ??

ICQ Talk is a unique program specifically designed to complement ICQ. It needs ICQ to operate. If you dont have ICQ you can obtain it from http://www.icq.com

ICQ Talk adds full two-way voice communication with your ICQ contacts who are online and also running ICQ Talk.  With just 2 mouseclicks you can be TALKING with your ICQ contacts, just like a regular telephone.

ICQ Talk does not require a server as it communicates direct with the IP address of people on your ICQ list.  ICQ Talk requires ICQ to be running but your conversation continues even if you lose connection to the ICQ server.

ICQ Talk does not include built in messaging, file transfer etc as these already exist in ICQ which is running right beside ICQ Talk.

ICQ Talk was developed to provide personal voice communication for  ICQ users without having to use server based systems and associated directories full of weirdos and porn. 

This Full Version is about to be released so now is the time to register your interest in ICQ Talk and send this page to all your friends.

ICQ Talk is distributed free for evaluation purposes. It is fully functional except that it will only allow you to talk to another person for five minutes at a time.

You can Register ICQ TAlk for a once only fee of US $10 this includes all future upgrades, there are no time charges, monthly fees or other costs.


Please fill in the details below for free download Registration,which is due for mass distribution shortly.

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Once you have submitted your details, send this link to all of your friends whom you wish to communicate with.

Your information will not be usedfor anything other than keeping you up to date on our FREE products & Services

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