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Animal Enhancement Fund

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Fewer   Flies   in   the   Skies

Our friends at the zoo tell us that by removing the smelly odors with our product, there are fewer flies. Becauce bad odors attracts flies.

Donít you agree, any animal that you adopt through a zoo adoption program would be happier and healthier in a zoo with fewer flies. So get in touch with your local zoo and tell them that you know a way to make their zoo odor free by using Nature's Original OdorGone. This is a probiotic product, using beneficial soil bacteria to consume urine and fecal matter that has saturated the ground in animal exhibits. It has been used very successfully at zoos in Southern California, Florida, Texas and New York.

You could show them your appreciation by buying a gallon or even five gallons as a gift to them. You will make a friend for life. And you would be able to take your kids to a zoo that didnít have offensive odors. Just a thought, as a donation to a zoo, you could write it off your taxes. So do your part to change the world. One little step at a time. Call 1-800-750-3714

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