The Mule deer of California

Usually a timid animal, the mule deer buck will fight aggresively during mating season for a doe. The mule deer is closley related to the white-tailed deer, but they can be distinguished by their antlers Unlike many other species of deer, the mule deer is solitary liveing in habitats from the high mountains to deserts and plains. It does not form herds, but rather lives alone or in small family groups in a well defined home range.

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Did you know? That a buck's fierce fight for a doe is often a bluff. One contestant turns away before a real battle occurs. IN 1924-25 an epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease killed thousands of mule deer in California; 22,000 were slaughtered to check the disease. Mountain lions, bears, bobcats, goldeneagles, coyotes, and wolverines hunt mule deer. The mule deer is called"jumping deer" for its habit of jumping high when running.

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