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Joline   Marie   Friend   of   the   Animal   Enhancement   Fund

Joline Marie Friend of The A.E.F.
Is a very nice lady that loves tigers. She has many pictures of them. She has said that she is very interested in our work. So she is our new friend. Her email is cabarett@hotmail.com so If you have any pictures of tigers you care to share? She would be more than glad to adopt them as part of her collection. Any one can join our ranks. As we are a careing groupe that loves animals and those that love animals. You have a pet and a story to tell. Let us know and we will add it to our pages as another friend to the Animal Enhancement Fund. She also looks great in a bathing suite. You can add your link to this page as a friend of The Animal Enhancement Fund. The animal Enhance Fund is happy to say that we are now Able to offer a way for our friends to make some Money: Any one that becomes a Dealer for CleanLife Technologies under John H. Nelson`S Sponcership will get $15.00 off their DEALERSHIP: This ENDS when February does. So jump in and help change the WORLD
CALL 1-800-750-3714 May the Good Lord bless and keep you all

Joline wanted to learn a little bit about TIGERS and so do I. Lets Safari. Panthera tigris The tiger is the largest member of the felid (cat) family. The tigris species is divided into eight subspecies. These subspecies are: Caspian: Bengal, Indochinese,Chinese, Siberian, Sumatran, Javan, and Bali tiger all of which are either endangered or extinct. Tigers have a long thick reddish-ochre coat with white belly and white and black tail.(although the colors of different subspecies may vary) The head, body, tail; and limbs have narrow black, brown or grey stripes. Hind legs are longer than the front legs to aid in jumping. the front legs are heavily muscled,and the paws have long, sharp retractable claws. Claws that can be drawn in. enabling tigers to hold their prey while the powerful jaws sever the spinal cord of the prey:
Like its ancestor the Saber-toothed cat the Bengal Tigers teeth are vital to its survival. If it loses its canines(tearing teeth) due to injury or old age, it can no longer kill prey and will starve to death. The Saber tooth cat had long canines, which it used to stab prey. Its jaw structure enabled it to kill with a powerful, downward bite.
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Great looking Blond friend of animals: Lives in Pa. and loves TIGERS
Fewer Flies in the Skies.10: Great Product for Animal Care.10
Adopt an animal today.7: Help your Local ZOO.7
Adopt an Animal Today: Tomorrow maybe to LATE
You can have any kind of pet.5: Pet Products and odor control.5
Fewer flies in the Skies-10: Odor removal and animal care.10
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