What   is   the   Animal   Enhancement   Fund

It is a non-profit oranization dedicated to improving the lifestyle of animals held in captivity. The animal Enhancement Fund raises money from corporate sponsors, "Friends of" animal leages and through donations from individual people concerned about animals. There are countless, hard working people who are not "in the loop" for grant money or charitable donations, dedicating themselves and their personal incomes to benefit animals in distress. There are rescue organizations that are too limited by their funding to afford such refinements as odor removal even though odors affect the over-all health of animals in confinement during rehabilitation. If you know some person or organization like this, please let us know. The A.E.F. would be glad to be of assistance, with your help.

John Nelson

1604 Home Terrace Dr
Pomona, CA 91768
Tel. (909) 629-0994

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