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End Times

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Happy Birthday from a PlanetAll friend

Vision of Revival

In the vision I dreamt I was fishing, then God said, "bait not the hook, but throw it into the water". I did, and I caught what was the largest fish I could have imagined. It was a silver fish, very beautiful and very large. The vision was very intense and not at all a dream... I have waited, and waited... and it was the day before yesterday I was thinking of this vision again and I was asking, when Lord, when will this "big fish" be. And with that vision I was standing by the banks of a river seemingly in waters others did not want to be in, others meaning people in the church. They were making comments about the waters being polluted and they would not go into it. But I merely reached into the first foot or two by the bank and was feeling around under the soil beneath the waters and I felt what seemed to be stones... as I raised them from the waters and found I had retrieved a very precious jewel, then another, then another... every time I dipped into the waters another jewel I would bring up and every one I brought up the Lord said "these are counted unto you". I told the Lord, these cannot be mine. And again the Lord said, "these are counted unto you". Then I heard a voice from The Lord from across the river and He called to me and said, these are the waters I send my Josephs to, in these waters are placed the jewels of Heaven. The Pharisees and the Sadducees would not touch these waters because they would not reach into these waters to gather what was precious within them. Then I looked up and saw that those, even some I knew became jealous that I had taken out treasure from these waters, but instead of joining me they murmured and complained and some spoke of killing me. And I looked and I now saw many taking these jewels from the waters, even children, small children... were reaching into these waters and were bringing up these most precious of jewels... it seemed there was no limit to the treasure that was in the waters... it was not a hard chore, it was not digging, and scooping... it was simply reaching into the waters just off the shore beneath just a little soil near the surface and everyone was finding jewels and gems and were filling up their arms,... men, women, boys and girls... and the church would not touch these waters... but the children of God continued to gather as religious leaders continued to grow more hardened and it was as if they were blind to the treasure that was being taken from the waters and were insistent that no one should be reaching into the waters at all because they said it was polluted. They wanted to make laws to keep any from gathering any more gems. They stood before God accusing all who were doing this, and they thought they had God's ear in this matter, but I looked and God stood as though He did not hear any words they spoke... God looked as though He were totally deaf as these spoke to them.

I had not intended to be so detailed about this former vision but as I wrote it I was again impressed to explain it more. This is again, as you must know by now... a vision of the harvest. We shall gather gems from the waters the church has said... is too polluted to even reach into. And again the Great Fish that was caught was the biggest Fish ( biggest revival ) and was caught without baiting the hook,... this is for God to say... "No man cometh unto me, but first the Father draw them" and it is to say, that without the bait then no man will boast of the catch saying, "this is the way I have caught a catch for the Lord, this way is a way I have done and God has blessed - "My Way"... no... it shall be the catch of the Lord and it shall be by the drawing of His spirit and none of us shall boast... we will not be able to look to our own actions and declare that it was anything we did to bring this catch in. We shall say, we were just feeling around in waters we were told were too polluted to go near when we shall "feel something in the waters" and when we shall bring out of those waters what we have felt in them we shall find the most precious of gems.

My soul waits and is impatient... yet for such a prize I should be willing to wait as long as it takes. And the voice of the Lord came again and said, "I have said I have prepared many that hear my voice, many I have raised up and have taught myself, many that have not been taught by men, the doctrines of men, but many I have taught the words of my lips and the will of my heart. These I have brought up from the womb of their mothers... and there are many. These are the ones I am calling out of obscurity into the light and it is these that the Pharisees will again be Jealous of. I will turn none away that shall seek my face in this time. I have risen up and I walk the earth gathering these that I have appointed for this time. I am opening their eyes to know this time and to understand what I have called them to. They are my chosen vessels and they did not know it... and those arrogant that have called themselves chosen I will cast aside, these have offended me and I shall not use them, unless they repent. They are liars that say my hand shall not be restored. My hand shall be restored and the power and the strength of my arm shall go throughout the earth. I am closing the time of the Gentiles with a gathering and with a gathering am I opening again the door to Jerusalem. Blessed are these that I have raised and were not taught of men. These shall bring forth the jewels of the Kingdom of Heaven... these shall be rich... everyone who reaches into these waters no matter their age. Despise not these waters as the Pharisees for in them lie the jewels of the Kingdom. I say of them as I said of those who prayed in public and made a show of their righteousness... truly they already have their reward for they have surrounded themselves with riches and have taken to themselves the praises of men... this is their reward, that they have lived in the love of the world and surrounded themselves with riches and have made themselves fat from the table of those who give them praise... all the while my children stood outside begging and they heard not the cry and gave them not a crumb to eat... hear me, I have heard the cry of them that have hungered and I shall answer their cry and I shall feed them with a feast and the shepherds that have grown fat on the praises of men, shall the fat within them turn to a hunger.

And as I saw these things again I fall before the Lord now and cry out, "When oh Lord, When will these things be?" And the Lord said again, "Gather yourselves unto me in prayer and seek my face, my people must come unto me and be one in spirit and in love" "Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard the glories I will do on the earth in this hour". "In this hour shall I finish the time of the Gentiles and again turn my eyes to Jerusalem"... "It is not by power nor by strength of any man, but it is by my spirit, lest any man should boast".

Vision of the Betrothed

I saw what were two women standing before the Lord. These were both "betrothed" to the Lord. One had been betrothed to Him for many years. The other seemingly not even yet. As I watched I saw the Lord speaking to the one He had known for many years and was begging, pleading with her to come to Him and receive of Him. I saw she was well cared for, had a house and land and many things... but I saw as she said she has so much to do and was at times angry with the Lord for not seeming to do more for her... yet... at the same time... would not allow Him to do anything for her as when He would try... she would get upset and more angry with Him because she did not like His actions. The Lord kept begging. This one He had known... became as I saw... not very attractive, but the Lord still had the same love. But she kept getting worse and worse and kept treating the Lord with more disdain and mistrust all the while "running everything" and not allowing Jesus to put his hand on anything to help. I cannot convey the amount of patience and pleading I saw Him give... but the more He would the more she resisted and became worse... I could see He used to kiss her... now when He tried... she either saw it coming and would hurry to involve herself in a "project" to dodge the kiss or if He was able to kiss her... she did not return it... just cold limped lips. Just let Him kiss what were like dead lips and when He backed off, she went on about the usual... seemingly even hating him for each attempt to kiss her. Then I saw the Lord lean back as if sad. The second one had nothing, no home, no land and to me was very beautiful... though seemingly all smudged and dirty... but extremely beautiful. She just stood there as if she was uncomfortable standing before the King of Kings looking as she did... Then I saw Him offer this Same Love to the second... the second struggled saying I am not worthy of this, I am all dirty, but what I saw was a heart of the second that wanted that Love so bad she would do anything to get it. The Lord responded and said... I need one to receive my love... I am not talking about your "smudges"... there are enough servants and cleansing waters and perfumes in my house to make you clean and beautiful... what I am asking is will you take my Love"... the second... young and beautiful, but smudged said, "Dear sweet Lord, of anything I would, I would receive your precious Love"... through some coxing The Lord finally got her to see that He needed to give her His Love. And really, she needed it more than anything ever. Then she finally opened and began to receive it. Then I saw what I have no words to describe... the glory of the Lord came forth upon her with love that caused me to fall to my knees. And the second received His Love and the first did not even see it happening. I saw what I have no words to explain... the intensity and the glory and the care and the power. The Lord said to the second... "Unto thee then shall I pour out my Love because you will receive it, unto thee will I poor out all of my blessing because you receive me, unto thee will I abide because when I kissed thee ye have kissed me in return,... unto thee will I come and provide, not in a little... for I am a rich man and I come and shall provide for thee with riches and honor and my name" I shall give unto thee the riches of my house and the full love that is in my heart". I heard the Lord speaking Love phrases you would find in the Song of Songs... they were all the words He had in His heart for a Bride... and the words He would have covered the first with, but they were all given to the second... because the first did not want them and had become sour in her heart and thought that she did not have one who cared; that in fact she was the one who cared and not Him at all, but she did not care as she thought. Her care was in fact done out of anger toward the Lord, as if to say... "See I do things that show that I care... you do nothing... you have been nothing for me, but only a little". I was so shocked at what I was seeing and hearing on both sides. Then I saw the Lord's heart almost as He seemed to be poured out before the Father as with tears for the first pleading before the Father ( remember He stands ever interceding for us ) but was doing this on behalf of the first... then it was as though I heard the Father say... "Only shall you provide her with her basic needs, you shall do this... she has refused your love and has enmity even in her heart towards you... therefore you shall provide her only with which to survive, because she is still your betrothed she will not be left without to die, but she shall not receive from your hand the riches". "The light of your Glory shall not rest upon her nor shall she receive the knowledge of your love. Let her be. The Lord did not have a choice... he just let her be and was given, or had made arrangements so that her basic needs were met... but all the time I saw her struggle and struggle always insisting and grumbling she had to do everything for herself and take care of herself. Then the Lord turned to the second and an order was given and it was as if all heaven heard the voice from the Lord. He proclaimed His love and His joy toward the second and commanded that nothing be withheld from her... that she was to be taken in and her "smudges cleaned" and then I saw riches beyond belief as the Lord then said... "You shall not toil at all, you shall not put your hand to work as the former... you shall take in my Love and my Life and I shall bestow upon you my Light and my Glory and you shall know the riches I have for thee... but know this... you shall never toil again... you shall not work... you shall but be with me, by my side... as I shall perform it all. It is in my hand to do and to perform and it is my joy to take care of my betrothed and you need not care, for I shall care... and I saw riches beyond belief given her, but more than anything I saw the Love of God upon her which was all her care. Her care was not for the riches but she was purely raptured up in the Love of Christ upon her and stayed in that content... as He rose up and ordered all the work to be done for He was a rich man and had a multitude of servants to take care of everything... she had no need of anything to do but to receive His love and all He wanted was to receive it back. Then I heard a small voice say to me... "What is this to you that you see". And I said... "The former is the church... those that have said they know the Lord, yet will not receive in this time the Love that He is trying to give her." And the voice said... "And what of the second?" and I said "This is also one who has known the Lord but has become smudged by the world, without house and land and truly is of a broken heart from hurt and from feeling "smudged" before the Lord. She is hurt and without and only cries out for Love... this is also of ones not yet betrothed but who shall hear the offer of this Love in this time and shall receive it and the glory upon her and the riches of the house". And the voice said, "Thou hast seen truly and right". As I said, I could only see the Love from Christ that was opening up and the glory that would rest upon the second and no words can I find to describe it or even the magnitude of what I saw the Lord stand up and purpose in His heart to do for the second, all the things the first had refused because of her blindness and her anger toward the Lord... He had not been what she had wanted Him to be..., but she would not take the time to find out what He really was. To the second will be given all that the Lord pleaded to give to the first... and the first shall be looked after, but only in a sense of minimal care as she resisted anything really beyond that... and even thought that the care she did receive was because of the work of her own hands and not that it was from him at all... so she stayed bitter but "maintained". The second received the fullness of the Lord and the Glory of Him rested upon her and she was not made to toil at all. This is a picture, a scene of what is happening this very moment. The Lord is pleading with the former... she is resisting in bitterness and the Lord is turning His eyes to the one who receives His love and is returning His kisses to Him when He kisses her. I can only plead and feel the same pleading in my own heart for the church to get hold of this and stop and look, because this is a very, very serious thing to miss what is being held out to us by the Lord. He will not go any longer without one to receive His love... He will not go any longer to be without one who will Love Him in return. Eventually the former will see this Love being given to another and will react in all kinds of ways... from repentance to change as into one like the second to one of a murderous spirit. I ask any and all to take this to heart; what has been written here and I would wish to hear responses to this message from as many as I can. I want to know how this has hit you. How this is effecting you and if you are praying with me for both of these.

Mark Wattenford

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