Dear MyFriends Members and Visitors,

The Spamer is still hard at work useing our domain to send out his
Spam. I dont know how this is being done and we are still going to COURT
So we have voted to let him have it and reg. another domain. will be reborn as

Your help in this matter is still needed and apprecated
The company that we leased the Server from deleted the MyFriends
Website from the machine. They did this claming that MyFriends
had sent out SPAM E-mails to people, which you know is not true.
I asked for proof and they (the people that own the server) have not
provided me with any such proof.

So we can get MyFriends back up we need your help.
We do not need your money, just your morel support.

Please send E-mail to Steve Sloan the MyFriends Webmaster and
Administrator It does not matter if you
were a Member of MyFriends or not you can still help by sending
your E-mail to Steve.

"The more E-mail we get the better chance we have of getting
MyFriends back up and running".

All you need to say in your E-mail is how that NOT Having the
MyFriends site has hurt you either emotionally, financially, or
whatever reason you can think of.

MyFriends was created back in Oct of 1998 and has never been removed
from any Server for sending Spam. Because MyFriends only sends
E-mails to people that have OPT-IN or requested E-mails from us.

I am begging you please help me see my dream of making MyFriends a
place where people can meet and make friends. And help each other
in the everyday struggles of life.
If you will just send an E-mail
to Steve Sloan so he can get the MyFriends site released so we can
set it up on a different server, we can see all our dreams come true.

Please send this to everyone you know and ask them to help… by
sending E-mail to and asking that the site
be released. If we do not get MyFriends released then we all lose
the dream of what I and MyFriends has stood for all these years.
Personally my heart was crushed when I got the news, as you all
know MyFriends was what I live for.

God Bless,

Your Friend John H. Nelson

Please reply to

This is a letter from one of our members

To whom it may concern:

I am a 30% disabled VietNam Vet, suffering from PTSD,
who has been involved with for about 3
1/2 years. I have recieved a lot of emotional and
psychological support from and now some
ignorant person has claimed that is
spamming people. If this were true I am sure in the 3
1/2 years I have been involved with them that I would
have been spammed for sure. I have never been spammed
by at all. I would like to see returned to the Internet and left alone.
I am in need of the support that I have recieved in
the past but can no longer receive because the web
site has been removed.
Thank you

Keith Gepner

Keith Gepner

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