Current Mammal Collection

99 Photos


  1. Polar Bear Catching at Tossed Fish
  2. Spectacled Bear
  3. Sloth Bear Twins Riding Mom
  4. Smokey the Bear II
  5. Kodiak Bear w/ carrots
  1. American bison eating in a snow storm
  2. Two American bison in a snow storm, female; Alycia and male; Tonto
  3. American bison resting in hay and grass
  4. American bison, Tonto, in the bison yard
  1. Male cheetah portrait
Colobus Monkeys
  1. Black & White Colobus Monkey
  1. Elephant calf throwing sand; adult in background
  2. An Asian elephant calf, Kumari
  3. Female African elephant with apple
  1. Masai giraffes eat from a tall feeder
  1. Adult Male, Mopie
  2. Adult Male, Mopie
  3. Adult Male, Gus with Carrot
  4. Adult Male, Portrait of Gus
  5. Adult Male, Gus
  6. Adolescent Male, Kuja
  7. Adult Female, Haloko
  8. Adult Female, Mandara
  9. Adult Female, Mandara w/ Infant Kigali
  10. Adult Female, Mandara w/ Infant Kejana
  11. Adult Female, Mandara w/ Infant Kigali
  12. Adult Female, Mandara w/ Infant Baraka
  13. Adult Female, Mandara w/ Both Infants
  14. Adult Female, Mandara w/ Infants, eating celery
  15. Adult Female, Mandara w/ Infant Baraka
  16. Mothers & Infants
  17. Infants Kejana & Baraka Playing
  18. Male Infant, Baraka w/ carrot
Grey Seals
  1. Grey seal lying on beach
  2. Grey seals in and out of the water
  3. Two grey seals swimming
  4. Infant grey seal pup resting
  1. Male jaguar, Jude, sitting near a tree trunk
  2. Male jaguar, Jude in the puma house
  1. Sammy, a male leopard lying on a tree stump
  2. Male leopard, Sammy, crouching
  3. Male leopard, Sammy; vertical view
  1. Barbary lion, Thandi, with cubs
  2. Asian lion, Asha, eating bone
  3. Lion, Asha, in enclosure, eating a bone
Orang Utans
  1. Adult Female, Pensi w/ Male Infant Tucker
  2. Adult Female, Portrait of Pensi
  3. Adult Male, Junior
  4. Adult Male, Junior Making a Face
  5. Adult Male, Junior w/ Open Mouth
  6. Adult Male, Azy
  7. Juvenile Female, Indah
  8. Juvenile Male, Kiko
  9. Juvenile Male, Chang Jr.
  10. Group Sitting on Tower
  11. Wide Shot of Orang utan Transportation System (OTS)
  12. Bonnie & Kiko on OTS 1
  13. Bonnie & Kiko on OTS 2
  14. Bonnie & Kiko on OTS 3
  15. Bonnie on OTS
  1. Scimitar-horned oryx mother nuzzling newborn
  1. Hsing-Hsing eating in the Snow
  2. Hsing-Hsing in the Snow
  3. Hsing-Hsing eating in the Snow
  4. Red Panda Up-Close
  5. Red Panda on a Branch
  6. Red Panda on a Branch
  7. Red Panda through the Leaves
Praire Dogs
  1. Black-tailed prairie dogs enjoying a salad
  2. Black-tailed prairie dog near burrow
  3. Juvenile black-tailed prairie dog
Przewalski's Horses
  1. A Przewalski's wild horse at the Zoo's Conservtion Research Center
  2. Small herd of Przewalski's wild horses at CRC
  1. Female puma in exterior enclosure
Pygmy Marmosets
  1. Pygmy Marmoset
  2. Pygmy Marmoset
Red Kangaroos
  1. Red kangaroo with joey in pouch
  2. Male and female red kangeroos
  3. Male red kangaroo
  4. A male and a female red kangaroo
Red Wolves
  1. Red Wolves in the Snow
  2. Red Wolf Up-Close
  3. Red wolf cub
  1. Pair of African black rhinos
  2. Female greater one-horned rhino
Sea Lions
  1. California sea lions on a rock
  1. Male serval resting near tree
  2. Adult female serval carrying her infant
  1. Male Sumatran tiger, Riau
  2. Female Sumatran tiger, Kerinci, in her yard
  3. Male Sumatran tiger, Riau, resting in the sun
  4. Kerinci with her cubs, Paul and Jo
  5. Sumatran tiger cub on blanket
  6. Sumatran tiger with female cub
  7. White Bengal tiger with keg
  8. Portrait of white Bengal tiger, Taj
  9. Male Bengal tiger, Varuna in enclosure
  10. Portrait of male Bengal tiger, Varuna
  1. Portrait of a reclining common zebra